Kristina Rostrom anti-aging cream moisturizes your skin, removes dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles.
Cacay oil super food for your skin. Exclusive formula for your best look.
Kristina Rostrom anti-aging moisturizer is a unique formulation with cacay oil, a natural extract that is rich, like no other, in retinol and linoleic acid. These compounds are known as the most powerful anti-aging agents.
Cacay oil restores skin luminosity making it look radiant and full of life. Kristina Rostrom cream provides essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the skin activating its natural renewal process.
Cacay oil strengthens the internal structures of the skin to achieve the optimal balance of elasticity and firmness. Kristina Rostrom lotion evens up the skin surface leaving it soft and smooth.

Kristina Röström - Hydratant anti-âge à l'huile de Cacay

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Une puissante crème anti-âge 100% naturelle. Obtenu à partir des noix de l'arbre de Cacay grâce à un procédé spécial qui préserve toutes ses propriétés régénératrices et antioxydantes.



Appliquer sur une peau nettoyée sur le visage, le cou, le décolleté ou les mains avant les autres produits de votre routine beauté.

Riche en acide linoléique, vitamine E et rétinol. 50% plus de vitamine E et deux fois plus d'acide linoléique que l'huile d'argan. Trois fois plus de rétinol que l'huile de rose musquée. Contient 75% d'acide linoléique (vitamine F).

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Sandra Z.
Awesome, non greasy, no fragrance.

Awesome product, non greasy, great for sensitive skin. Nice packaging. No fragrance.

Amy M.
Good cream

Seems to be working better than all the other creams I've bought for both dry skin and scars.

Stephanie S.

Good cream loaded with good ingredients. I am using on my face and hands. I have dry and sensitive skin for reference. It is hydrating but not enough for hours. Also, it is absorbed quite well. It doesnt leave a residue so it is not providing any slickness for foundation.

Lynn K.
Works as promised

No smell and super hydrating!

Katie A.
Must have for winter and all times

Favorite dry skin cream. I keep repurchasing it.

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