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What Are Fine Lines and How to Remove Fine Lines

Fine lines are something that all of us will experience at some point in our lives, but they are often confused with wrinkles. As there are a few different types of fine lines, it’s important to know how to treat these when you do find yourself dealing with this issue in the future. Let’s take a deeper look into how fine lines are caused and the best skincare ingredients to help eliminate this issue. What Causes Fine Lines? As we grow older, it’s normal for our skin to change along with other parts of our body. Fine lines on your face usually appear in your 30s, and they are often found before wrinkles appear. They are small and shallow lines...

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What is Cacay Oil? Understanding Cacay Oil Comedogenic Rating

Are you looking for something new to add to your skincare routine? With so many products and oils to choose from, it's hard to determine what's best for your delicate skin. If you have acne-prone skin, you know how even the smallest change triggers breakouts.  Have you heard about Cacay oil? It isn't as well-known as many other skin oils, but it's a great addition to your skincare routine due to its low comedogenic rating and restorative properties. Not sure what that means? No problem, we're here to explain. Keep reading to learn all about Cacay oil and why an oil's comedogenic rating matters.  What Is a Comedogenic Rating?  When you're treating your skin with oil, it's good to know...

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The Benefits of Vitamin F for Skin

As a fat, vitamin F is essential for keeping your skin’s outer layer healthy and strong. It’s an anti-inflammatory, is high in antioxidants and works to hydrate and restore your skin’s barrier. Vitamin F, which is beneficial for every skin type, is actually a combination of two fatty acids. It can’t be produced naturally in your body so you need to consume foods that contain it and you can also find it in topical products.

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The Benefits of Vitamin E for Skin

The powerful antioxidant vitamin E is extremely beneficial for your skin. Not only does it combat free radicals, reduce scarring, help prevent acne and decrease the signs of aging but it can also help reduce the damaging effects of harmful UV rays to your skin.

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